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Empowering Grassroots: Unveiling Government Initiatives in Rift Valley through Stronger Channels

Regional Director of Government Delivery Services Calls for Enhanced Public Engagement

In a bid to bridge the information gap between government initiatives and rural communities, the National Government Public Officers in the Rift Valley Region have received a call to action. The directive from the Regional Director of Government Delivery Services, Sitati Olando, emphasizes the pivotal role of National Government Administrative Officers’ (NGAO) existing structures. These officers are urged to take charge of explaining and interpreting government policies, programmes, and projects at the grassroots level.

Regretting the limited reach of government information to rural areas, Olando highlighted the untapped potential of involving key figures like County Commissioners, Chiefs, and their Assistants. These established structures extend deep into the villages, ensuring broader dissemination of vital updates.

Olando stressed the urgency to amplify accurate information dissemination to counter misinformation. This initiative aims to dispel misconceptions about the government’s commitment to addressing the country’s socio-economic challenges, countering the narrative that Kenya Kwanza Administration is not effectively tackling these issues.

Addressing the National Government Public Officers directly, Olando urged them to leverage public barazas organized by Deputy County Commissioners and Chiefs. These gatherings present valuable opportunities to educate the public about available devolved services such as Inua Jamii, Hustler, Women and Youth funds.

Olando concluded with a strong plea for collaboration, emphasizing the spirit of teamwork. He encouraged officers to break down silos and seek resolution through dialogue instead of legal battles. By embracing cooperation and inclusivity, the collective goal of serving Mwananchi – the citizens – can be realized more effectively.

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