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Streamlining Project Success: Government Adopts Unified Approach for Timely Deliveries

In a bid to eliminate obstacles that may hinder government-funded projects and ensure their punctual completion within budgetary limits, a dynamic “one government approach” is set to take center stage. This strategic shift aims to eradicate stagnant projects at both county and regional levels, thereby ensuring that the positive impacts of these endeavors resonate among grassroots citizens.

John Ndeiritu, Director of Delivery Services in the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, highlights the significance of collaborative efforts. Referred to as the “one government approach,” this ethos calls upon government heads to collaborate fervently, putting an end to stalled projects.

Ndeiritu’s role includes overseeing the establishment of the National Government Development-County Implementation Co-ordination and Management Committee Narok, previously known as the County Development Implementation and Coordination Committee (CDICC). This committee, chaired by the County Commissioner, holds the responsibility of effectively coordinating and monitoring the implementation of all national government programs and projects.

Isaac Masinde, Narok County Commissioner (CC), stresses the holistic nature of the “one government approach” in running governmental activities cohesively and collaboratively. The CC underscores the importance of government officials’ presence in public barazas and their active involvement in project execution to make their impact felt at the grassroots level.

Masinde calls upon National Government Administrators Officers to uphold commitment, accountability, and awareness of activities within their respective departments, aligning with presidential directives. He asserts that close monitoring of government projects is imperative to ensure their successful implementation.

“We will be monitoring projects from time to time to ensure all projects are implemented efficiently and effectively,” Masinde asserts.

These implementation management committees, spearheaded by national government administration officers, are forged to liaise directly with the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary for meticulous tracking and monitoring of policies, programs, and grassroots projects.